Yamaha RX-King, Mini Chopper from Jambi

andri Abenk want to make mounts minimoto-based Yamaha RX-King who impressed the sporty. But, because the chassis can not Harga Yamaha Mio Fino FI Premium terdongkrak back to the top of the post locker front, sok Abenk modif minimoto's intention to change the mini chopper.

It is true. To make the deal, baseball just minimoto replace those legs Harga Kawasaki Z1000 Bekas But, rake and Central chassis must be reset to the position of the tank and seat distinctive motor edged up to the stern of the adventure.

"That's why I change flow modification minimoto so mini chopper, but still sporty," said Tandri living on JL. Bawean, Lorong Cambodia, Jambi.The mini modif chopper inspired murtabak Malabar after business owners see sok front upside down aftermarket installed in komstir. As a result, the line was already out the shape of the tank, seat and rear sepatbor reformed accordingly flow chopper motor.
Just let the sporty impression persists, the idiom of the motor racing remains included. As sepatbor front model-fitting rear side cover, handmade pictorial full racing. Also fitting the handlebar Fatbar brand baplang ala motor trail, "imbuh Lamborghini Indoteknik owner Independently at the same address.

In addition to the existing devices, those legs are also nuanced racing part alikasi. You can see the front wheels-rear tire applications semi off-road Tire Delli brand. So did the suspension front and rear brand YSS connected with arms swinging aftermarket products.

Well, in the event the stands Jambi Auto Contest 2013, Tandri mounts Abenk third place class Racing Look. Mantab.


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