Cool! Honda CS1 Modified So The Multistrada

Modifications often is due to a sense of shame. "Sweetheart, if sold, so be it. This motor has been known to accompany wherever I go, Harga Honda Blade 125 cc FI "Nur turing Safei, subject Honda CS1 beloved man who lived in Tangerang, Banten this.

The Motor has been invited around Java and Sumatra is nearly abandoned, because there are already other mounts later. But yes it is, because a sweetheart eventually modified.

CS1 originally mounts in the city, according to the length of the city sport one, modified so the motor sport to turing. "His inspiration from Ducati Multistrada," Harga Honda New Megapro FI 2014 Winoto Siswo bright, the execution of the Paddock modifikator Win's ubahannya. Cool!Change the CS1 so Multistrada turns the process baseball ribet, "rear Chassis only cut 25 cm," continued the familiar modifikator saluted this Grady. The cutting was done so that in the aftermath of the baseball is too nungging.

Well let me so motor sport, produced a new tank and put it in the future. "Use of the tank so it is more palatable when turing, baseball easy to accomplish," said Nur, who always addressed this Heifer.

The tank is made of fiber and unloading of petrol is not less than 20 litres. Next the front adjustable, lights that had slid over on the chest, including sein originals.Playing typical CS1 i.e. fixed wing is not changed. "I want to dispel his trademark baseball, coincidentally his model also fits," imbuh Grady that located on JL. Ampel, Sunan No. 11, Pabuaran, Purwokerto.

Let me further similar to Multistrada, under the wings of dibikinkan typical Ducati Trellis chassis and painted red. "But it's not just a garnish, serve as holder of a radiator," 29-year-old modifikator convinced of it.

The Multistrada features a large high also emulated Grady. How to upgrade the legs of passers-by. The front side pinned upside down the aftermarket, which in addition to the higher also great. Rear swinging arm wear are Aprilia RS125


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