Modification Yamaha RX-King, Remove The Motor Impression Muggings

The majority of users of Yamaha RX-King prefers to display by default. See the deh in the streets, rarely modified to look changed drastically Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Bekas 2013 Most oprek only the engine and plug the little accessory. But another Great done with Kristi, youth of Purwokerto, Central Java. His diapain King?

"Let me look different, he change so the flat tracker," Winoto Siswo, modifikator open from the Paddock change motor Win's 135 cc it. Wah asyik tuh, typical of the RX-King who was known as the motor and muggings were missing.Tampangnya it changed drastically, Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS 2014 the characteristic such as tank box missing, unless we want to observe the details of the machine. But it has been changed, due to the cylinder head replace older YZ125 already famous as head of star fruit. Not to mention the front side of the machine there is a glimpse of the box similar to the radiator, which turned out to be a container of oil aside.

Typical exhaust RX-King who had long models to replace traditional shrimp model motor trail. "Frankly, I'd rather make a tracker-use motor 2 tak. Knalpotnya can expose a more prominent, so all dikrom, "imbuh Grady, sapaannya.To change the view so flat tracker, Grady replace chassis wear belonging to Yamaha DT, where it is more suitable due to its base as a motor of rake the soil. "But komstir must be adjusted with the sokbreker rear chassis, Fz16 cut let flats and make a new swinging arm," he said.
The use of sokbreker an Fz16 diameter 41 mm makes the motor looks hefty. Suitable after semi tires combined with asphalt Swallow series SB117. Let me further exposed baseball intentionally install sepatbor Grady. Then the top given the typical flat shell lamp with flat tracker.

The handlebars have Fz16 adoption as well. Now the brake handle is unique and koplingnya. If the search in the market certainly enggak gonna nemu! "It is the custom of aluminum, had wanted to be given the handguard but make too crowded, so make it different, model similar to scissors," said modifikator that located on JL. Ampel, Sunan No. 11, North Pabuaran, Purwokerto.Scroll a little to the rear of the tank, of course contrived a sleek custom fiberglass disposable contrived. Its alloys thin flat upholstery with a model similar to bread, so hungering his typing an nih, hehee...

Given the last touch of green paint silver and chrome combination in some components. Then there's light shell on a sticker bearing the Mad Wheels, which turned out to belong to the great apparel brand.


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