The Helmet Features The K2 KYT Surgery Rider, The First Helmet Featured Alphabet

Helmet manufacturer PT Tarakusuma Indah has recently been presenting the latest full face helmets, namely KYT K2 Rider Harga Yamaha R6 Bekas di Indonesia This helmet had a cool model, comfort qualified and equipped up-to-date features that already fits the prevailing safety standards.

The helmet Model sporty, memorable part spoiler at the rear of the helmet, ventilation holes on the top and front of the impression is confirmed Harga Motor Yamaha Xeon RC 2014 Helmet shell of reinforced plastic material it had a size XS up to XXL, able to meet the needs of the helmet fits head circumference of your size.
For convenience, the large ventilation holes help the circulation of air around the head so that it is not hot and stuffy. Foam helmet worn very gently with a cloth microfiber, which can absorb sweat. Foam helmet also could be removed to be washed. Users will increasingly KYT K2 Rider comfortably with the presence of double glass visor, where there are dark colored glass on the inside of the helmet. Simply press the button on the left side of the helmet, then dark colored glass will be active. Eyes so more comfortable driving in sweltering weather. Another feature which is copyright PT Tarakusuma Indah is a feature of alphabet system. Helmet KYT K2 Rider model full face helmets so equipped this feature. With this feature we can write down the name or whatever is dimau, with a maximum of 9 letters or numbers. For letters and numbers sold separately Yes.

Standard safety Affairs, KYT K2 Rider is the national standard of the SNI and the DOT. KYT K2 Rider sells for Rp 500 thousand, the nearest rival is the Terminator berbanderol NHK Usd 400 thousands


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