The Treatment Mica Helmets, Simple But Not Be Vain

Use of age and mileage, can make the performance of glass or MICA on helmets is declining. Factors of weather, dust and friction can trigger harga kawasaki z800 terbaru bulan agustus 2014 the growth of fungus and scratches-scratches or beret on the surface of the device. In effect, mica or frosted glass, thus disturbing the rider forward field of view. Hence, glass helmet needs to be cleaned as often as possible.
Eit, that clean the Weve helmet easy mica, but haphazard and the baseball origin dilap aja, lo. That is, should be careful not to damage the MICA. "Glass or MICA helmet, arguably a fairly expensive components and vital. Incorrect treatment Harga Honda CBR 150R Tahun Ini can make a beret, and biased view of the matter so if kena spotlight, especially at night, "explained Agus Hermawan, owner Skipper Helmet on JL. Kebon Jeruk, length, Jakbar. Bottom line, it only takes about five minutes to clean the glass surface of the helmet. "Remember, don't wipe the surface dry condition at MICA. It is recommended that any helmet manufacturer. Bersihin first pake water let dirt on the surface of his helmet raised. Afterwards rinse with SOAP, "imbuh glass place Alonso at Benetton men remain durable for 5 this year.

Well, before I travel far during Lebaran, so that while maintaining the convenience and security of visibility, pastiin Mica clean place Alonso at Benetton. Kalo belom memberihkannya way, follow the steps below.
Rinse the entire surface of the glass helmet with water. Glass helmet made from MICA and highly sensitive, the dust that clings to it can result in a beret at the time pengelapan.
Then clean using SOAP or shampoo, enough disposable hand (no laps). We recommend using shampoos containing Silicones to dust and oil on the surface of the glass helmet raised.
After rinsing, dry it slowly with a rag cloth or chamois. To get the most use from a microfiber rag.
Kleenex helmet. "It could be used in case of emergency, the intent being to travel far,"


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